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The word Kamui represents one of the key concepts of the animist religion of the Ainu people. The Ainu are the natives of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, the Kuril Islands and the Russian island of Sakhalin, as well as part of the Kamchatka coast. People who lived in tribal villages built on the coasts or in river valleys, whose main activities were hunting and fishing. In their belief everything in the natural world is populated by divinities or spirits, called Kamui.

The world for the Ainu is therefore a balance between the earthly and the otherworldly, which all men must respect and not disturb or transform. Among the most important Kamui, subject of authentic veneration, the one embodied the brown bear. I have loved those places since my first trip and have returned there many times.

My choice was a small tribute. My publishing house was born with the aim of promoting my projects and collaborations that won’t always be related to the world of photography.

My will is to create books with superior quality, paying the utmost attention to the materials used and total freedom of expression. Privileging what I like and nourishes my soul, avoiding commercial logic.