Chiaro Scuro

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Marsel Van Oosten writes in his foreword: “This book is all about contrast, about light and dark, and ultimately, about balance. Ronconi’s images are a celebration of the natural world by focusing on the very essence of it. By discarding color and by using a stark contrast between light and dark, that which matters is emphasized, and all else is reduced to a supporting role. When color is out of the picture, what rests are contrasts, shapes, lines, and space. Used correctly, these ingredients can create visual art that gets your attention without screaming for it, and that points you to the essence without pushing you towards it. It’s subtle yet outspoken. It’s simple yet smart. It is the beauty of our planet as we know it, but seen through the eyes of an artist. If this book was a steak, the French would call it à point: cooked to a degree between rare and medium. In other words: well balanced, and just the way Aristotle would order it”.


-28×26,5 cm fine-art coffee table book
-Hardcover, 192 pages featuring more then 140 black
and white images of wildlife and landscapes of the northern hemisphere
-170 gr Munken Kritsall rough paper
-Foreword by Marsel Van Oosten
-English, italian and japanese texts