Hueco mundo

The cure is in the emptiness

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Two environments so different, yet so similar
They share an extreme and sometimes ferocious purity
The emptiness refines all the senses

Hueco mundo, or the empty world. This is in fact the meaning of the title, as well as the best representation of the contents of this project and the reasons that led me to its conception and creation. The emptiness as the subject and the reason for the research at the same time. As the goal and a real cure. The real destination. In a certain sense, the images of this book were born because of an inner need, rather than a professional one. Hueco mundo is an introspective journey and this book represents just the first stage. The first step in a process that I don’t hesitate to define as curative and detoxifying. Something that goes beyond the mere exercise in style or simple photographic fieldwork.

This first story arc will take you to discover two diametrically opposed, yet surprisingly similar, desert environments. Blue and gold are the two colors that I “felt” most intensely in these places. The shades that best represent their differences and similarities. You will be amazed to discover how ephemeral the boundary between the two worlds is sometimes, so much so that it can almost confuse them.

Created in the throes of the pandemic, Marco Ronconi’s “Hueco mundo” is a mesmerizing look into the most fragile places on this planet as well as an opportunity for profound internal introspection. His work forces us to see how fragile and interconnected our world is and he shares an extraordinary message of how much it means to the survival of our own souls to intermingle with wildness. HIs breathtaking images show us that inspiration often comes from moments of discomfort and that there really is never true “emptiness. Never has it been so clear that our fates are inextricably linked to those around us, whether we see it or not.
(From the foreword by Ami Vitale)
The book:

Images and texts: Marco Ronconi
Foreword: Ami Vitale
Language: Italian and English
Format: 30×24,5 cm hard cover
Pages: 152
Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto gesso 160 g/m²
Printed by: Editoriale Bortolazzi Stei S.r.l
Versions: standard, special & limited edtion
ISBN: 978-88-945727-1-1
Edizioni Kamui, 2022